Thursday, May 7, 2009

We received a reply!

On my personal blog I received a response/reply today from the Project Linus Group in Longview, Texas about our blankets that we donated! How exciting!

Danielle - My name is Karen and I'm the assistant coordinator of the Longview Project Linus group. Loved - loved - loved your oddball blankets. I pickup the blankets, sew on the Project Linus label, and then transport them to Donnie our local coordinator who will distribute them to local hospitals and other groups. I'm sure these will go to either Good Shepherd or Longview Regional Hospital. Although we don't get to see our blankets distributed we often hear good reports back from the nursing staff of the response when given. Thanks to all your group - makes me want to learn to KNIT!!!

It's great to know the work we do is appreciated! Keep up the great work ladies! Thanks for being part of the Southwest oddball baby blankets!


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