Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Creamie Preemie Blanket

Creamie Preemie Blanket
RobinKnits- DONE
Tgriffin541- DONE
Secksiebrat - Working on it!

This blanket will be donated to a local hospital in NC by Shandeh!

Blankets delievered to Project Linus!

I have ment to post this on several occasions but I'm loosing my mind.. I think. I delievered the 5 blankets to the drop off point for Project Linus on Saturday. It's was at a local sewing shop and the ladies were happy to see me bring in some blankets. There was a basket full of other crochet blankets as well. I included my contact info so hopefully/maybe we'll get a thankyou note or a response.

The hardest part of knitting for charity for ME is that I always want to know where my knitting goes. I'd love to be able to see/hear about how it helped someone. But that's part of the "gotta know" in me! LOL.

Thanks again ladies for all the wonderful work. Even if we don't get any reponse, it'll be nice to know that we've helped someone!

We currently have 3 blankets in the works. 1 is a preemie blanket and will be going to Shandeh to donate to her local hopsital. The other 2 currently don't have any particular destination. Do we want to donate to Project Linus again or should we look at other options? I'm open to anything and everything!

I also just wanted to remind everyone that I'm due August 27th with a tentative c-section date of August 19th. I am high risk and I may go to bedrest, but at this point in time things look ok! As it gets closer to August, I may ask someone to take over for a month or two so we can keep things moving or we can opt to take a break. Let me know how ya'll feel about it!

Enjoy the rest of your week!