Thursday, May 7, 2009

We received a reply!

On my personal blog I received a response/reply today from the Project Linus Group in Longview, Texas about our blankets that we donated! How exciting!

Danielle - My name is Karen and I'm the assistant coordinator of the Longview Project Linus group. Loved - loved - loved your oddball blankets. I pickup the blankets, sew on the Project Linus label, and then transport them to Donnie our local coordinator who will distribute them to local hospitals and other groups. I'm sure these will go to either Good Shepherd or Longview Regional Hospital. Although we don't get to see our blankets distributed we often hear good reports back from the nursing staff of the response when given. Thanks to all your group - makes me want to learn to KNIT!!!

It's great to know the work we do is appreciated! Keep up the great work ladies! Thanks for being part of the Southwest oddball baby blankets!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Creamie Preemie Blanket

Creamie Preemie Blanket
RobinKnits- DONE
Tgriffin541- DONE
Secksiebrat - Working on it!

This blanket will be donated to a local hospital in NC by Shandeh!

Blankets delievered to Project Linus!

I have ment to post this on several occasions but I'm loosing my mind.. I think. I delievered the 5 blankets to the drop off point for Project Linus on Saturday. It's was at a local sewing shop and the ladies were happy to see me bring in some blankets. There was a basket full of other crochet blankets as well. I included my contact info so hopefully/maybe we'll get a thankyou note or a response.

The hardest part of knitting for charity for ME is that I always want to know where my knitting goes. I'd love to be able to see/hear about how it helped someone. But that's part of the "gotta know" in me! LOL.

Thanks again ladies for all the wonderful work. Even if we don't get any reponse, it'll be nice to know that we've helped someone!

We currently have 3 blankets in the works. 1 is a preemie blanket and will be going to Shandeh to donate to her local hopsital. The other 2 currently don't have any particular destination. Do we want to donate to Project Linus again or should we look at other options? I'm open to anything and everything!

I also just wanted to remind everyone that I'm due August 27th with a tentative c-section date of August 19th. I am high risk and I may go to bedrest, but at this point in time things look ok! As it gets closer to August, I may ask someone to take over for a month or two so we can keep things moving or we can opt to take a break. Let me know how ya'll feel about it!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tyler and his blanket!

Here is a picture of Tyler with his all green blanket! I was so glad that Robinknits shared this picture with us! It's wonderful to see someone enjoying a blanket we helped to create. We hope that it brings many warm wishes and healing for the future! Thanks to all the ladies that worked on this wonderful blanket for him!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pretty in Pinks and Purples Blanket Order!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Blanket
Secksiebrat- DONE
SgtPam - DONE
Spanky51 - DONE
Woolwinder - DONE
Mamapauslal - Waiting for it to arrive!

Pretty in Pink and Purple (pinks/purples/varigated)
Secksiebrat - DONE
Scrappygolden - DONE
cdjack - Waiting for it to arrive!
tgriffin541 (ravelry)
mom2esther (new knitter)

These are almost ready to head out to begin their journey!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Linus Project in Longview, Texas!

I received an email from the coordinator in my area for the Project Linus organization. This is where the blankets that don't already have intended destinations will go to.

Here is what was replied to me!

"Danielle, we would be glad to get the blankets your group has made. I deliver to the hospitals, cps, casa and anywhere there is a need. If you are located in the Longview area, the drop off place is Sharmans Sewing Ctr. Please put your name/names of thoses making the blankets so I will know where they come from. Many times I receive a thank you card from the one that received the blanket and by putting your name on the blanket, they know who made it. Thanks so much. I will add you to my list. Donnie"

I will be sure to include any notebooks/papers that we write on so that it may be included with the blanket!

Right now we have 4 blankets headed here. Strawberry Sundae, Ocean Waves, Candy Corn and Smurfs (when it's complete).

Monday, December 29, 2008

Current List of knitters

Here is a current list of knitters. If you would like to be added to the group, please email me at secksiebrat at gmail dot com.

tgriffin541 (ravelry)
woolwinder (via blog)
mannykim- (ravelry)