Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Linus Project in Longview, Texas!

I received an email from the coordinator in my area for the Project Linus organization. This is where the blankets that don't already have intended destinations will go to. http://www.projectlinus.org/

Here is what was replied to me!

"Danielle, we would be glad to get the blankets your group has made. I deliver to the hospitals, cps, casa and anywhere there is a need. If you are located in the Longview area, the drop off place is Sharmans Sewing Ctr. Please put your name/names of thoses making the blankets so I will know where they come from. Many times I receive a thank you card from the one that received the blanket and by putting your name on the blanket, they know who made it. Thanks so much. I will add you to my list. Donnie"

I will be sure to include any notebooks/papers that we write on so that it may be included with the blanket!

Right now we have 4 blankets headed here. Strawberry Sundae, Ocean Waves, Candy Corn and Smurfs (when it's complete).